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Groove 2 Thinking


Simon from Creative Future
"I really enjoyed the event today, the pace and energy is exactly what I needed. I feel inspired and energised to tackle finance and funding within my organisation. Thank you!" So how was the Groove...

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Sign Dance Collective reflect on Sync...


david bower finger spelling the letter r whilst sitting on the floor
Sign Dance Collective met up as a team recently and reflected on what they had taken from Sync so far. They said they felt that '[our] collective mind is definitely clicking better and in more...

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Jo Verrent standing by a flip chart with the words love and respect written on it in a cross.
Are you a love mark? At the Grove meeting the other day we looked at organisations and 'brands' which managed to score highly for us - the ones we respect and love. The Sync South East organisations...

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Groove Thinking


Our Groove Day on the 20th October was awash with ideas, thinking and inspiration. We all took away much food for thought in our plastic takeaway boxes so we can break through a few more glass...

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Watch out for the post!


a photo of some of the rolls of pieces of tableclothes being sent back to organisations
At the organisations day, we managed to get through 15 tableclothes which are now covered in scribbles, scrawls, insights, questions and more. We took the tableclothes away to have a quick look...

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So why do we exist?


photo of cards on a table which say 'why do we exist?'
This was one of the questions asked of organisations within Sync South East. Less about pondering the questions of the universe and more about getting clarity over the vision of an organisation....

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