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Photo of dance group StopGap in a piece called Tracking


StopGAP is thrilled to have been part of Sync South East and to have gained so much support through the Groove sessions and consultancies. The opportunity to continue being part of the Sync programme is one we have relished and we are using the consultancy to develop the articulation of our artistic vision and to develop our organisation internally, further strengthening the company for the exciting times ahead.

StopGAP is a Surrey-based contemporary dance company comprising of dancers with and without disabilities. The company performs in theatres and at outdoor festivals, as well as leading a large range of educational outreach workshops, residencies, professional development sessions and mentoring both in the UK and across the world.

Photo of StopGap workshop

2010 – 11 saw StopGAP give 59 performances, seen by 11,152 people. It also delivered 294 integrated workshops across the year to 3,681 people.

www.stopgap.uk.com www.youtube.com/user/stopGAPDance www.flickr.com/photos/stopgapdance/sets

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Trespass (Photographer Hugo Gendinning)

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Tracking (Photographer Denise Woods)

Workshop (Photographer Christophotographic)



You can see Stopgap's Syncscape below - and read all about them for yourselves.

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