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logo of Stingray - its a black outline of a stingray in a blue sea


"Pleased and hopeful. We think it will help us work out our ideas and make our dreams real. We feel the voice of people with learning disabilities. We want equal access to the arts."

We are Stingray a club based arts project run by and for people with learning disabilities in and around Oxfordshire. The Stingray Crew is made up of 5 volunteers. We each lead a different part of the work. We support each other and work as a team. We are a small part time project with big full time ideas! We have just got some money from ACE to do more work on carnival, breakdancing, rapping, and DJ/VJing.

You can watch a five minute video on the Stingray team here
a series of photographs showing Stingray's box


For their Syncscape, Stingray made a box that has a big surprise when you open it...