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"I am very pleased and truly appreciate that I will be able to draw on the support and guidance of Sync South East – its come at a perfect time for me."

When I think of leaders I think of Ghandi and then I think of people who’ve asserted a direction and truly led people, openly and publicly and wind up paying a price for sticking to what they believe in.

I wonder if this is a wise way...

Its enticing indeed, but I ask....what motivates one to be ahead?

I notice I feel more comfortable moving silently, hidden, until those moments when everything in me clicks and I assert what is true for me in action or in word. So I ‘lead’, you could say, my way, I do small things that perhaps haven’t been done, and open small windows that shed new light but ....in terms of being seen as a leader - I’m hoping - no one notices...

What inspires me are profound realisations and feelings...moving around them...those moments that touch the pulse of one’s life....I’m exploring .... Is it possible to creatively express this?

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I just went for it – it was feeling the support of Sync SE that enabled me to do so.

I gained a Go Public award to realize - “Being Me Being” http://www.beingmebeing.org.uk.

I invited people with hidden impairments and long-term health issues to join in this dynamic new exploration using the expressive nature of yoga and visual arts as a creative means for unraveling the layers of self. We took this journey onto a labyrinth, to assist our enquiry, and we then took it onto the beach nearby.

The “Being Me Being” website invites visitors to respond to the work and the expressions that emerged from it – and there’s a clip of the film we made on the site (This short film is available for screening contact: beingme@gmail.com)

Also, here’s the blog: http://www.dada-south.org.uk/go-public-being-me-being.php

For further information about Go Public or Accentuate: http://www.dada-south.org.uk/projects-go-public.php

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