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Pauline Alexander

"Surprised, why me?! I won’t be any good at this! Yes, I can do this, fantastic!!"

I am a visual artist and disability equality training consultant. I am committed to personal and professional development and the transformational, revolutional efforts this requires.

Photo of Pauline Alexander

Pauline's journey

Pauline is a deafened Visual Artist and Disability Equality Trainer. She received serious discrimination from a recruitment agency, and felt compelled to report this through the proper channels of an Employment Tribunal. This was a landmark case. The first time a recruitment agency was taken to Tribunal for disability discrimination. Pauline was represented by the RNID.

Judgement was given for disability-related discrimination. Her claim for direct disability discrimination was dismissed. Importantly only 5% of direct discrimination cases are won at Tribunal. The Tribunal Hearing also proved to be discriminatory in its access provision within a system entrenched in inequalities and lack of awareness, education and training on deaf and disability issues. In the words of the previous President of Employment Tribunals “The level of awareness of our Judges and Members has always been a matter of concern to the system….”

Photo of Pauline Alexander

At her request and in response to her report on the failings of the ET service provision, an official Tribunal Enquiry was held. Pauline’s request for a disability advisor to be brought in to support the Enquiry was refused. Unfortunately, without the benefit of expert advice, these important issues were not recognised nor addressed.The complaint was dismissed.

The current President of Employment Tribunals has recently drawn her attention to the fact that the judiciary are exempt from the DDA under Section 49C.

Leadership is often defined as something that is public, yet some of the issues that she experienced are personal which prompted her to make them public because they are issues which actually affect us all and values that are worthy of upholding and championing.

Photo of Pauline Alexander

It seems it is her mission now to harness her passions for equality and inclusion and lead on this topic, both in her artwork and her distinctive ‘voice and vision’.

Pauline believes that in line with changing attitudes and improved understanding, lies the importance of providing fresh ways to approach the difficulties and inequalities that remain.

Her recent Arts Council award produced a collaborative project with Jon Adams and Caglar Kimyoncu resulting in an installation depicting her journey of discrimination.

As a visual artist and Buddhist, the discrimination and Tribunal experiences catapulted her into a completely different approach to her artistic practice and a decision to lead, activate, and inspire by creating value from very negative occurrences.

Please contact Pauline on: Pauline.alexander@tesco.net

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