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'a photo of Mike wearing a brown leather jacket and looking friendly and relaxed

Mike Fryer

"I had applied to the programme thinking I would not be accepted so when I heard that I had been offered a place on Sync South East I was surprised and delighted. I look forward to meeting the challenges of the next two years and the opportunity to learn and to develop."

I am a painter, printmaker, designer and scientist with many years of experience, a proven track record of exhibitions, publications and a reputation for high quality work. My aim is to continue to develop, facing the challenge of new work and bringing together all the different areas of my interests!

Grubb Street - a painting looking over a green field to parallel lines of ploughed fields edged by abstracted trees with fields painted in many colours in the distance surrounded by more trees. 800 x 800 mm, acrylic on canvas'


I am excited by colour and feel exhilarated as I squeeze paint from the tube – pure plastic colour that I want to eat to make it part of me and sometimes I paint with my fingers just to be 'in touch' with the colour! I am passionate about colour and use it as a means of expressing my excitement about the Creation all around me in all its varied hues, forms and vitality. As someone with a disability I have spent a lot of time recovering from fractures (I have Osteogenesis imperfecta and use a wheelchair) and much of that time has been used to observe the world around me; even as child I would draw the hospital grounds when able to get outside. Later I found that I do not have to make slavish copies of the world but discovered that colour could be used to express myself and so my art gained freedom!

Chimney 7 - one of a series of sixteen views of the kiln chimneys at Bluecircle, Northfleet, a painting showing the A2 road running across the painting with the chimneys behind and a field of orange pumpkins in the foreground'

Painting & Printmaking

My landscape paintings use colour to express my emotional response to the world around me, the colour is strong and intense but also shows subtlety in how it is used to convey the sense of place. The aim is to bring the composition and colour into a unity over the whole surface so it has stability. Within this stability there may be some areas of discord but these are balanced over the whole composition. Thus the use of colour is a construct, it is a means of expression of my emotional response to a landscape, the sensations from nature. My landscape paintings can be seen at the following sites:

On my own site, www.mikefryer.co.uk
an area of red on the left has three red tentacles reaching out into the green area to the left, encircling and capturing part of the green
On disability arts online
one of a series of seven paintings on the days of creation, The dark purple formlessness provides the background to the rich blue of the deep. Above the deep is separated light shining as green with the pure white of Spirit hovering over the green
Life Form 2 - a digital print of an oval creature with two lines of cilia running over its body

The problem with abstract painting is that it uses a language specific to the painter and can, therefore, be difficult to understand. I have developed a system of abstract painting 'Abstract Graphism' that seeks to express the meaning of a text etc. so that the painting can be 'read'. It is very encouraging when the audience at exhibitions come to me and tell me what the paintings are about! When painting abstracts I usually use a technique in which the paint is liquid and allowed to dry a little and then pulled off using tissue paper. In this way a painting may have many layers giving a rich depth to the colour. My abstract paintings can be seen by following the link below.

In the past I have produced prints using screen print and etching but for the present I am concentrating on digital prints for practical reasons. But my digital prints are produced in a particular way since I start with a blank screen and never import scanned or digital images so that the whole print is a work of imagination and hand drawn

To see Mike's abstract paintings...
To see Mike's digital prints...
The painter Mike Fryer working on a small canvas in his studio


As a graphic designer I have over 20 years experience running a design company and working with companies ranging from multinationals to sole traders on a great variety of projects. Recent work includes designing, typesetting and preparing historical photographs for a book on racing Thames barges; designing websites; posters and leaflets. Some of my work can be seen at: www.mikefryer.co.uk/design.html

Science Whilst researching for my Ph.D. in biology I examined some aspects of petal colour including the biochemistry of pigments, the light reflected from the petals and the surface appearance of the petals using a scanning electron microscope. This interest in the technical nature of colour has stayed with me and now includes neuro-physiology and human perception. I use these ideas in my paintings to help with composition and the placement of colour.

Clients & Experience For my Artist's Statement and a summary of my exhibitions please see my website: www.mikefryer.co.uk/statement.html . My clients include: BT Wholesale, LloydsTSB, Baltic Exchange (London), Npower Corporate Centre, Employer's Forum on Disability, Regional Countrystudy Museum of Cherkassy, Ukraine and I have two works in the ICI Permanent Collection.

Integrity Integrity is fundamentally important to my work. Being a Christian, I work out my beliefs and values in all areas of my life. I plan my paintings and prints very carefully and I use good quality materials so that the paintings and prints can be purchased with confidence. But more than this, my integrity means that the whole process of making a work of art is done very seriously so that they are not accidental, unfinished or meretricious but seek to have a stability such that they maintain validity through time.

Current Work I am excited by a variety of current projects. I am working on an equestrian painting for an exhibition in January (London) as well as developing ideas on abstract landscapes and a series of digital prints. I am also writing a research paper on colour in plants and painting and am designing a book of historical photographs of part of estuarine Essex.

Future Work I have a vision for painting landscape, especially the impact of man on the environment whether that is farmland, cityscapes, industrial or the development of landscape over time. I am also developing ideas for another series of abstract paintings and some experimental large digital prints.

Contact me! It would be great to hear from you to discuss how I can work with you, so email me at: mike@mikefryer.co.uk


Photo of Mike Fryer - credit: 'Ian Goodrick: 0786 0362322

Grubb Street - painting. 800 x 800 mm, acrylic on canvas

Chimney 7 - one of a series of sixteen paintings of the kiln chimneys at Bluecircle, Northfleet.

'C8(EX20-15) - one of a series of ten paintings on the Ten Commandments (now in the ICI Permanent Collection)

'Day 1 - one of a series of seven paintings on the days of creation.

Life Form 2 - a digital print of an oval creature with two lines of cilia running over its body. 100 x 100 mm

Photo of Mike Fryer at his easel