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Photo of a goblin created by Michalea Bayley

Michaela Bayley

Being involved with Sync South East’s Leadership programme will enable me to have the professional support to develop myself or project, enabling me to reach my true potential.

I’m a Creature Effects Artist who works within the film & television industry.

I am currently being sponsored by Arts Council England South East to develop my first solo exhibition to be shown in Banbury Museum, Oxfordshire, during 2012.

Photo of a zombie created by Michalea Bayley

It is an exhibition which merges Creature art and other disciplines while always considering the aesthetic impact of each work piece and display.

"This is an exciting time for me as an emerging artist. I am experimenting, searching and allowing myself to be open to the unknown."

Michaela’s original background is in Photography & Film.

michaelabayley@yahoo.co.uk Website: Under current development