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Marisa Rehana Mann

Marisa Rehana Mann

"I am really thrilled to have been accepted and am working with the programme to gain as much as I can such help with becoming a Social Enterprise and getting known for working in my environmental field. The 20 year state of non existence due to a spinal problem is changing into re birth as an effective person whose former studies and work are now combining with a life long artistic passion. I can envision artistic products that have real meaning for our society and ways we can sustain ourselves

I am an artist interested in conservation and sustainable development; this includes people, the environment and wildlife.

My practise is developing the use of colour in both flat and flowing forms combining art and science studies B.Sc.Econ L.S.E and Artist in Residence to enact projects and residencies for societies and projects. During my study for the qualification: Artist in Residence I enacted a residency with a French Gallery and Society, Couleur Décor, painting in the style of Cezanne and the Fauves (www.couleur-décor.org). This led to a residency with a school there to study the Pyrennean donkey which is rare Catalan symbol.

Photo of a painting of parrots in the canopy by Marissa Rehanna Mann

My next rewarding residency was with WDCS in the Moray Firth,painting from childhood encounters with cetaceans on a banana boat (http:// www.wdcs.org).

This led to a project with "Other Asias" to show the endangered Indus dolphin,documented on my blog. Other Asias has an exhibition in London September, following some exciting ones in Pakistan where a number of artists, myself included, show ideas to "Re-Do Pakistan".

My themes are that preservation of the dolphin adds to water security and I have also illustrated Solar Power(CSP), which would transform energy supply for this country of my birth (www.otherasias.com).

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Painting of a snow leopard

My work was shown with Marwell International Wildlife Artists Society (www.miwas.co.uk) at Marwell U.K. this summer where my paintings of snow leopards in the Himalayas were exhibited and one on permanent display. They can also be seen on my site

These paintings were also shown with the Campaign against Climate Change at their Conference in Euston, London in November 2009.

Currently I am working on images which will further evolve the flow of colour and form in my work, portraying peat bogs and the wild horses of the Camargue, France

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