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Photo of an artwork created by Mandie Saw

Mandie Saw

"I'm exited to be part of Sync South East as its a fantastic opportunity to meet other like minded people and having the support to look at ways of improving what I'm already doing."

I am a practising artist working in a wide variety of media, but especially sculpture. For the last sixteen years I have worked in the community running/facilitating workshops. I co-founded 'Artscape' an arts related group based in Petersfield for adults in the early stages of recovery from long and enduring mental health issues. I'm also involved with many other projects including 'Outside In', 'Metal Monkeys' and 'Creative Response'.

a buddah with necklaces shown in bright red and pink

Mandie's journey

Since embarking on the Synch South East programme, I have come to realise or should I say acknowledge my skills. Often lacking in my own self worth I now know that I am good at what I do, this may sound arrogant but it is not meant to be, for so long I have been running arts related workshops for all sectors of the community although predominantly for vulnerable adults in the early stages of recovery from severe mental distress.

However my lack of confidence is probably based in my being dyslexic, this has never been an excuse for me to not try, as for the majority of my life I didn’t even know I was, I just thought I was slightly ‘thick’. I now know this is not the case and have learnt my own ways of dealing with it.

I have leadership qualities that I’m now aware of, having run part of the training programme linked to ‘The Pallant House Galleries’, ‘Outside In’ exhibition known as ‘Step Up’ where I trained/encouraged other marginalised outsider artists to facilitate and run workshops in their own right. Alongside this I project manage a group that I co-founded known as ‘Artscape’, hang, frame and curate many exhibitions as well as sourcing and applying for funding.

This year I have been accepted on the AA2A scheme that Portsmouth University is facilitating which will give me unlimited studio space for the academic year, and time to produce a new body of work that is fundamental to my own well being and essential in terms of keeping me artistically fed so I can keep my enthusiasm alive and feed this back into my workshops.