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Photo of a jellyfish representing Jayne Earnscliffe

Jayne Earnscliffe

"I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected as well as a little anxious that I might not rise to people's expectations - the cover of my book looks exciting but the content is often lacklustre. I am looking forward to meeting other disabled leaders to explore what makes us unique, what drives us, what holds us back, how we can become unstoppable and reach our full potential. I am hoping to go on a journey of self-discovery and to overcome my self-doubt and unleash my creativity."

I am an access consultant working with arts and heritage organisations to improve their policies, practices and premises to ensure inclusivity.

I have chosen a photo I took of a stranded jellyfish as it conveys so much about who (I think) I am and where I am. Adhering to something solid tho potentially unstable, stranded by the tide but wanting to swim the seas/explore new territory, wobbly, vulnerable, semi-transparent - bearing my soul but remaining partially obscured, alone, a unique, exotic, flamboyant creation, fading, drying out exposed in the sunlight.

Photo of an avatar made from things important to Jayne Earnscliffe

Six months on...

I am looking at a picture of a tree above my desk. It seems to be a metaphor for my life, my here and now. A tall tree with a crooked trunk but strong roots.

Reaching up over the forest canopy to obtain more energising sunlight and exposure. I have some interesting birds nestling amongst my many branches, some resting before taking off to exotic places, others deciding whether or not to stay and nest in the dry safety of my blanket of leaves. I yearn to shed the burden of the earth and wood and fly, to catch a thermal and soar.

To me being a leader means being prepared to leave the safety zone, to make personal sacrifices and take risks in pursuit of the thing that drives us, the thing that we feel passionate enough about to get us out of bed each day. As a disabled person, self-doubt can be a huge barrier and disabling in its self. Disability is ironically also the driving force behind my personal ambitions to create change and to make a difference.

To contact me, please email jayne@earnscliffe.co.uk