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"How do I feel to be on the programme? Very privileged."

Top Wheel is for disabled people, it's about disability and people overcoming it.

We want to make disabled people heard. We try to make disabled people's views and opinions heard.

We do podcasts, we do video, which we put on our website. We are accessible via Facebook and YouTube.

We like to operate in quirky and random ways, and in the most comical way we can.

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But not always. Sometimes we are angry. For example with the recent Hardest Hit march about the cuts.

In our first video we burnt an NHS wheelchair because we wanted to see if it could take a battering. The Dark Visor (Darth Vader?) is our mysterious wheelchair user, who roadtests and destroys. He gives you dirty looks.

In our latest video, we've got a great story about someone cut down in his prime but who came back to become an international sportsman, a four times Commonwealth Games champion and a Paralympian. In the same episode I go flying and take the controls !

Disabled people can be very powerful.Making disabled people have a voice, not being marginalised by the media - that's what we are about.

Every disabled person needs a voice.

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"Leadership should strengthen us all"

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