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Isolte Avila

Isolte is the Dance Director and performer with Signdance Collective.

Isolte trained with the Cuban Ballet and The Netherlands Dance Theatre. She has a degree in Dance from California Institute of the Arts, where she won a scholarship from the Disney Foundation! She is fluent in BSL grass roots signing and is learning international sign. She has worked with choreographers: Ismael Ivo 1995-1998, Stuttgart Ballet , Milton Meyers, Alvin Ailey since 1985, Carlos Orta Limon Dance Company 1997-1999 and Ornella D’Agostino Carovana SMI 2002-2008.

Her acting experience includes playing Freda Kahlo in Liz Crow’s award winning film.

Photo of Isolte dancing in India
Photo of Isolte interacting with the audience (black and white)

Artist statement

"I am passionate about communication. Working within the arts all my life and still going at 50 is a priviledge I never take for granted."

As a Latin woman, my passion and expression often gets me into trouble, and may cause a bit of disturbance, and now I am beginning to enjoy that aspect about myself!

I've never taken an easy road to dance, and am always looking out for the challenges. Dance is always how I've been able to express myself best. And as my impairment has developed and changed, so has my dancing .

Disability dance / Deaf and disabled dancers need to be given a chance to breathe and develop our own vocabulary.

Sign language, signtheatre, signdance and the deaf community World-wide offered me the gift of non-verbal communication so that I did not have to stop dancing .

Signdance was and is my way as a disabled and older dancer to keep going and has enabled me to develop my passion for communication.

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Photo of Isolte coming out of a tent in a performance


Dance Award AMI Award 2009 www.amiawards.org (International)

Attaturk Award 2005 (International)

Disney Foundation Scholar 1978-1983 (USA)

Digital Award For Dance 1989 (U.K)

Vienna Dance Festival scholarship 1992-1999 (Austria)


Batchelor Of Fine Arts California Institute of The Arts (USA) 1978-1983

'Signs of Brilliance' Time Out