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‘I think coming from a background where I was born with a deformity, it's not something that 'happened to me', it's something that will always be there, whether it’s been corrected or not. And that has given me an awful lot of determination to get things done.’

Gary is an example of how the arts can transform someone’s life.

Gary is now developing two feature film scripts and has a flourishing community filmmaking career.

His determination and passion for filmmaking won him the backing of UnLtd, a charitable organisation promoting social entrepreneurship. UnLtd granted him with funding to buy his own camera and that has made a real difference to his life.

In 2007, Gary began to produce documentaries with and about people with learning difficulties. He then began to produce short films and in 2008, sold his production of ‘Early One Summer’ to Hollywood distributors at the Cannes Film Festival.

Gary is continuing to pursue his career in film making, and is now participating in a range of work including an installation film about hope and recovery, video work for the local council, a feature film script called ‘2 Weddings...?’ and a short story about the 2012 Olympics.

He is proud of his achievements so far, and is often blatantly honest about the obstacles he faces.

"In terms of leadership, when making films I have definitely gone through an array of feelings, from – “this is really difficult, there's too many people”, to “actually, I love this, I have actors and crew and they're here because of me. I created all of this.”

You can view Gary's website here: www.garythomas.co.uk

You can view Gary's website here:
still from 'Early One Summer' of two men standing by a car.

Films So Far

He Came with Wheels was produced in 2004 and is about a disabled escort. The film was shown in four festivals

Coming Out was his first artist commission, funded by and screened at Dada-South and was launched in 2004

Madness as a Form of Relaxation was a collaboration with Abbie Norris and was funded by the Arts Council in 2006

Early One Summer starring Charlie Ross, Graeme Dalling & Janet Greaves was produced in 2007 and then sold to US Distributors

Hearing Voices is a 30 minute documentary made with people who have learning disabilities and was funded by UnLtd

Moving In a 10 min pilot for a web series, written by Mark Lever

In Development:

The Dog and The Palace An ambitious split screen installation film set a couple of days after the 2012 London Olympics

2 Weddings Gary’s first feature, a wedding comedy set in Bethlehem, (Wales).

Image - steve&dave1_1.jpg You can view Gary's company website here: