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Photo of David Bower flicking off water in black and white

David Bower

David Karl Bower is the Artistic Director of Signdance Collective and an actor.

David has a track record of both mainstream and Disability Arts. Mainstream work includes ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ Mike Newell, several T.V, documentaries including Travel Log to India, and recently as Quasimodo in Radio 4's Hunch Back Of Notre Dame in collaboration with Graeae Theatre Company.

David short films for SDC have been screened across the globe. ‘SECRET SIGNS’ as artist is residence with SDC at BBC Birmingham, RELICS with Picture Productions, BEAST with Idol Media, Amsterdam, FIRE SIGNS with Frederique Spight and Talking Hands.

Dance Theatre collaborations and training with Signdance Collaborations: Ornella D'Agstino SMI, Theattre En Vol Sardinia , Ana Desetnica Festival Slovenia, and Voor TVF in the Netherlands, and, as a young artist, with Joeff Buckley and Theatre Clwyd in North Wales.

Photo of David Bower in a checked shirt, performing

Artist statement

What can I say, that I’m deaf? Always have been, always will be, its not important. It’s a pain in the ass sometimes as people can have pretty weird ideas about it.

Personally I’m as alive and as vital as the next guy, and if they can’t see that, well I tend to think that its their problem not mine, although occasionally (well perhaps more than occasionally) I get the impression that some like to make it my problem. So it’s the old hoary cliché that its all relative and that its society that creates the disability. I’m way more than that. I am an ancient brat and a whole lot more!

I’m philosophical, I’m meta-physical, I’m pretty political, I’m crazy, I’m loving, I’m an artist, I’m more than just the beating heart in my chest, I’m human, I’m alive and gonna make sure I damn well live it to the hilt! And I’m part of the story too.

One time I remember looking to the east from my bedroom window in a small village outside Wrecsam called Marchwiel, watching the sunrise come up over the neck of the woods. It was 1976 and we had just been to Jodrell Bank, a huge state of the art telescope looking far off across the plains, across the border into England and further. I remember wondering who else might be looking at the same sky from their point in the east, where they lived and what language they spoke, I felt a strong calling that someday I might visit these faraway places.

Photo of David Bower writing out 'do not' in sand.


Dance Award AMI Award 2009 www.amiawards.org (International)

Attaturk Award 2005 (International)

YDF Award Princess Trust 1991 (U.K)

Fringe 1st Edinburgh Festival 1989

Photo of David Bower talking to a director.


Certificate of Further education / Theatre Of The Deaf Reading University

Viena Dance Festival

Improvissante Theatre

Global Clowns Amsterdam

'Unmissable' Time Out

'Frighteningly Brilliant' The Times Newspaper