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Sync South East organisations programme evaluation available

Saturday 25th February, 2012

“If we survive this period of uncertainty we will emerge a stronger and more sustainable animal. Clearer about its objectives and more linked to wider networks. More confident about its USPs and its track record. Sync SE has played a significant part in helping us to evolve in the right direction. Many thanks.”

“[Sync South East] has had an huge impact on the company and the way that we work together. It posed some big questions that the company was able to answer and this has strengthened the way the company talks about itself moving forward to bookers, promoters and artistic collaborators.”

“Through the Sync South East funded research into developing our database and the contacts made through being a part of the Sync programme have put us in an extremely strong position for the next phase of [our development].”

“The consultants worked with the company in a variety of ways, though predominantly with the entire company involved. The sessions included provocation, critical feedback and self reflection techniques, understanding the business and the way it is perceived externally and the most effective ways of communicating across the different elements of the company.”

If you would like to see a full copy of the report - just email joverrent@adainc.org with Sync SE ORGS in the subject line.