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Who is in Sync South East?

Tuesday 9th June, 2009

photo of an charity collecting model of a disabled child, glammed up in a pink wig and makeup by artist Caroline Cardus

30 disabled people working in the arts sector and 11 disability arts organisations and projects have been selected to take part in Sync South East.

The individuals include visual and conceptional artists such as Jon Adams, Rachel Gadsden, Joel Howie and David Dixon, performance artists like Mark Smith, Isolte de Graal, Sarah Gordy and David Bower. There are also individuals working with the arts sector such as Head of Learning at Pallant House, Marc Steene and the Director of DADA South, Stevie Rice.

The organisations range from a club and carnival project called Stingray led by learning disabled artists themselves, to larger, established organisations such as DAO, StopGap and Project Artworks.

The full list for each programme can be found on the site.