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Congrats to Monika-Akila Richards

Thursday 9th December, 2010

photo of Monika-Akila Richards

Just had this in from Monika-Akila and she wants to spread the word:

Sync that people!!! I got my dream job! Its part-time (leaving me time for my artistic practice), for a Visual arts initiative - PERMEATE - working with diverse and disabled practitioners and organisations in the South East. I will be the Project Manager for Permeate. I can't tell you all how chuffed I am, 'cause Permeate truly operates in a way where others fear to tread, being open to difficult conversations, looking in between, sniffing out under and over and working up to fresh ways of working and means what it says. During the interview I felt that I was loosing it a bit in terms of absorbing the questions and being able to reply. I am yet judging and evaluating when/or not to declare my hidden impairment. Well I said it at the end and really had to hold my feelings together, but walked out, knowing it was right at this time, in this situation. I got the job people, I got it. Recession over for now!