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Look about with Jon Adams

Thursday 9th December, 2010

Image from Jon Adams saying Look About

‘Look About’ is an artistic and creatively driven, multi layered project, led by artist and Lead Geologist Jon Adams (oh, and Sync SE individual!).

Look About will weave science and art, digital and analogue, observation and autobiographical experiences of dyslexia and Aspergers utilizing in part a geological metaphor. Look About will create an informed personal ‘biostratigraphy’ (a personal form of ordering in geology) of creative responses across the South East region to the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. It seeks to record, nourish and further engage Deaf and disabled artists who are working on London 2012 inspired cultural projects, and as part of the region’s Legacy Trust programme, Accentuate.

  • Edition Mélange: Map and publications: In collaboration with the UK’s leading geologists this element will be a reinterpretation of selected elements from Look About presented in a traditional geological format. It will take the form of a unique ‘biostratigraphy’ that consists of overlaid experience captured and presented in rich geological language created in partnership with the British Geological Survey.

  • Transmission is the main element of the project for Visual Arts venues across the South East, and will feature elements of Look About: Gather. It will take the form of a screen-based work that will begin at ArtSway in July 2011, and then travel each month to participating venues, developing as it goes, up to and during the 2012 games.

All work will be social mediated on Facebook, Twitter and will be hosted by Disability Arts Online (DAO) which will allow interactivity and social commentary to form a continually evolving responsive socially mediated piece, a series of individual art pieces; celebratory and public facing events; and video and sound compositions. All material will be archived by the University of Portsmouth Library.

Why Geological metaphor?

Jon has chosen for deeply personal (autobiographical) reasons to weave geological theme and metaphor within this project. To use the rich and descriptive geological language and colour the final outcomes with flavours that may be ironic and show disability, arts and geology in a new perspective. ‘Look About’ is part of a programme of research into the Cultural Olympiad in the South East, mapping the ‘basement’ faults and rifts and possible ‘change’ in attitude to Deaf & disabled artists and their audiences and the subsequent ‘layers of sediment built on top’.

‘Look About’ is encouraged and supported by ‘Accentuate’ and a wide range of South East Galleries and RFO’s, The University of Portsmouth (Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industry and School of Environmental and Earth Sciences) and the British Geological Survey.

Funders: Arts Council England, Accentuate and The University of Portsmouth,

Partners: Artsway, British Geological Survey, DAO and Dada South.