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The impact of Sync South East Organisations Programme

"“If we survive this period of uncertainty we will emerge a stronger and more sustainable animal. Clearer about its objectives and more linked to wider networks. More confident about its USPs and its track record. Sync SE has played a significant part in helping us to evolve in the right direction. Many thanks.”

chatting in a Groove session

Sync South East has just finalized its evaluation of its organisations programme – and is delighted to share some of the findings here with you. If you want to see the report in full, just email

Sync South East organisations programme was developed to support the development of leadership, excellence and capacity building amongst disability arts organisations in the South East Region.

The programme was contracted to provide a series of regular, accessible group activities with a minimum of 15 hours organisational development for each organisation – delivered through regular focused ‘Groove’ sessions and individual organisation consultancies.

Two public facing events were also held, as required – Impact (at South Hill Park) and Pitch (at The Stables).

The results of the programme are impressive – with organisations increasing their income by an average of over 30% during the timescale of the programme, with 80% feeling that things for their organisation or project were going to plan and 80% similarly feeling that they had become more aware of the messages they put out about their organisation or project.

Forging ahead

“We were without any funding for several months … and with support from Sync South East were able to get some firm plans together around fundraising for the organisation. I wouldn't say we are thriving, but we did some great things last year and your ready for this.””

Simon Powell from Creative Future

In the final evaluation, we asked our organisations ‘what had changed for them as a direct result of being on the programme?'

Overall the feeling was that they had

• made more meaningful contacts and were better networked

• a more developed and appropriate profile for their work with better promotional skills in house

• developed a range of new income stream possibilities

• developed their confidence considerably with the bespoke consultancy support provided by the progamme and were able to be more proactive in creating profitable opportunities for their work.

Resilience and new territories

“Through the Sync South East funded research into developing our database and the contacts made through being a part of the Sync programme have put us in an extremely strong position for the next phase of [our development].”

At this difficult time, the need for resilience as well as distinction has been paramount and our organisations found the networking aspect of the programme to be particularly benefical.

Many of the organisations and projects originally felt isolated, some did not know each other, and all felt in some way ‘misunderstood’ by the sector as a whole.

We wanted to bring them together in order to enable them to both understand their similarities and their differences and this was felt to be incredibly useful.

We have developed a culture that accepts and thrives when faced with challenges - the disappointments faced by the business help shape the thinking of future projects and solidify the ways in which the company works


"“The consultants worked with the company in a variety of ways, though predominantly with the entire company involved. The sessions included provocation, critical feedback and self reflection techniques, understanding the business and the way it is perceived externally and the most effective ways of communicating across the different elements of the company."

a foot and leg in the rocky terrain

Feedback about the Sync South East consultancies were unanimously strong and positive in both years of the programme:

• We expanded our database and made hundreds of contacts with relevant organisations across the UK. This work has put us in a strong place in order to deliver a national programme and make a significant impact through our marketing.

• Our consultant made us think more widely and more ambitiously. She liked us and made us feel good about what we are doing. We are proud of our Business Plan and produce it with a flourish when people want to know more about us.

• I think it’s had a big impact. It’s informed how we are planning future projects and outward facing promotional material and marketing. It enabled us to create a viable business plan that informs a funding cycle.

• Our consultant helped us keep a level head during an extremely emotional time. And we pulled through as a result... for the time being at least.


“[We have learnt] that the over-riding artistic vision of the organisation is the driver and that as a company this must be clearly presented and articulated. If you leave a gap in people's understanding of your organisation they will just fill the gap with what they assume rather than know.”

a foot and leg in the rocky terrain

Sync South East wanted to make a real impact for those organisations who joined us on the programme.

It was certainly felt by them and by those watching that they were better placed and resourced to look at the rocky terrain with more insight and sense of purpose for the future with a clearer sense of their integral place in the regional and national arts ecology.

We have realised the importance of reflecting and learning from the project as it unfolds. We are keen to fold in the learning and to both celebrate the successes and learn from the challenges.

All the best

All at Sync South East.

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