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The impact of Sync South East Individuals programme

“I have part-time employment when I was unemployed starting with you. I work freelance on fantastic creative project that really fulfill me. I write (not as much as I would like) but I write and had numerous performances as a poet. Things have shifted enormously.”

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Sync South East has just finalized its evaluation of its individuals programme – and is delighted to share some of the findings here with you. If you want to see the report in full, just email

So what has its impact been?

We asked those on the programme ‘what has changed for you’? Responses linked to (in order):

  • increased confidence
  • increased self understanding and awareness
  • gaining new/more skills or broadening their toolkits
  • increased ambition
  • achievements

And 21 of the 31 artists/managers reported an increase in turnover too – some due to sales, some due to increased success with grant applications and some due to gaining additional part time or full time paid work.

Flying high

“I have more confidence in myself as artist and can recognise some of the talents that I have without the need to dismiss them. I recognise that my work has value in the disability arts forum.”

being me being

At the end of the programme, 50% of those involved described their career status as being experienced & successful in the sector - “I have flown the nest and am flying high”. At the beginning of the programme 0% described themselves in this way.

Better equipped

“I have been able to remain engaged with my arts career when I have become unwell. This is a major change for me as in the past I have hidden away when unwell and taken a long time to reengage with my colleagues and work.”

a full backpack

We wanted to improve (and measure) the confidence and clarity of those involved in the programme, and to ensure they felt skilled, equipped, relevant and resilient enough to push forwards into opportunities when they present themselves. We can report that at the end of the programme:

  • 94% felt more connected to their talents and skills, and how to best develop and push these forwards,
  • 83% felt more confident in talking about themselves and about the work they do,
  • 78% felt their relationship with emotional and physical energy had improved,
  • 65% felt were felt more adept about how they chose to feel around what happens in their working life – dealing with disappointments and harnessing success
  • and 64% felt more ‘visible’ in the region.

Entrepreneurial thinking

“I’ve learned that if things aren’t working out for you, you change the way you do things.”

a wooden figure sitting in a thinking pose

We looked at three linked aspects of entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and capacity – people’s attitude and approach, their ability to involve other people and their confidence in project planning/business.

In relation to attitude and approach:

  • 84% are now persistent, particularly when the going gets tough
  • 78% have a clear vision of what they want their project to achieve

In relation to aspects involving other people:

  • 77% feel that when things go wrong with project’s plans, they know where to get help
  • 72% feel they know the right people and organisations to help them get their ideas off the ground

In relation to aspects relating to project planning and business:

  • 89% now take time to reflect on things that have happened to project/ideas & change things to make them better
  • 78% set clear objectives for their project
  • 72% can develop publicity material for their project

“I now see my entrepreneurial streak as positive rather than in the way. By now working freelance I have much more emotional and positional space to be entrepreneurial.”

“I know now that I am always going to come up with ideas - and I value them enough to play with and don't see a failure if one/two don't ignite - I don't need to be entrepreneurial - but I do like to feel pioneering.”


“If my business takes off and I find my feet with my new diagnosis that business will be a legacy. I did not plan to become self employed at all at the start of the programme.”

whats next written in capitals on a wall

Sync South East wanted to have a lasting legacy across the whole region. We reminded people of this within the final audit process and asked if people thought anything has changed for them that would form part of this lasting legacy. 77% felt that something had shifted for them in a really profound way due to the programme that would contribute towards this legacy for them.

Now that’s quite a impact.

Next month we'll be able to bring you the evaluation headlines from the organisations programme.

All the best

All at Sync South East.

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