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We had impact!

...Just to let you know that I enjoyed the Impact event yesterday. It was great to hear and see what the organisations have achieved and how this had an impact on organisations development, service users, participants and general public. It was a great idea to bring everyone together to have the opportunity to communicate and network with each other... (Nickova Behling, Permeate co-ordinator)

a hammer hitting a nail on the head

Our impact day at South Hill Park last week was a real success – for the programme and for the companies and projects that took part. It was great to be in such a beautiful space on such a fantastic day with the programme that we had. Every corner you turned there were conversations, laughter, sharing and deals going on. Oh and lots of tubs of ice cream!

Next week we are mailing out a copy of the programme from the day to those who couldn’t make it – please let us know if you would like some to distribute (just email and let us know how many you want). In September we hope to upload some short video clips from the day to our website to give more people a flavour of the impact our organisations are making.

What next?

“Many thanks for the wonderful event today – enjoyed it.” (Dr Outi Remes, Head of Exhibitions, South Hill Park), “…such a great day filled with numerous inspirational moments, and in a very lovely venue. I know how much organisation such an event takes and just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of your hard work and support - to both individuals and organisations.” (Susan Potter, Arts Evaluation and Research)

Caroline Cardus at the Impact day

The impact day marked the end of the first year of Sync South East organisations programme. Like our individuals programme last month, we’ll be spending the summer evaluating the programme so far and looking at what worked and what didn’t work before setting off again in the autumn for our second year. We’ve already started planning our ‘Groove’ sessions though – the opportunities we have for all our ten organisations and projects to come together and gain skills and experience. We’ll be running two days in the autumn – one on fundraising, sponsorship and individual giving (with Arts & Business) and one on quality, with input from Dada-South and the quality framework they have been developing.

The individual programme continues too – we have a day coming up focusing on business skills and another focusing on marketing and promotion – the autumn looks set to be a busy time indeed.

In order to prepare for the hectic autumn we have planned, we’ll all be taking a bit of a rest over the summer – but we do hope to bring you an August info bulletin – focusing on the rest of Accentuate and the Cultural Olympiad – we know some of the individuals and organisations involved in Sync South East are finding it confusing to navigate around it all (and if we are honest, sometimes so do we!). So we are asking our colleagues at Arts Council, Accentuate and the other Accentuate projects to give us mini updates for you that we can pull together and send out in August – watch out for it!

Congratulations to…

the audience watching New Gold at the Impact day

Well done Anjali, who have just heard that the Paul Hamlyn Foundation are awarding them an additional £40,000 over two years to continue and develop their employment project with learning disabled dancer Mark Barbar who works as their Associate Director of Education, and extend their employment programme to a second person with a learning disability too. Anjalii is on our organisations programme and Mark is on our individuals programme so we are seeing it as a double success.

And congratulations also to Gary Thomas, one of our individuals, who has just finished shooting the first stage of Moving In, another of his film projects. Having spent much of his early life in hospital, in 2007, Gary began to produce documentaries with and about people with learning difficulties. He then began to produce short films and in 2008, sold his production of ‘Early One Summer’ to distributors at Cannes Film Festival and has been working on film projects and TV scripts ever since.

And to Sign Dance Collective who have been invited to work in Slovenia in collaboration with Ana Monro Theatre Company. They are working on a piece based on on the story of Kaspar Hauser, a young man who spent the first sixteen years of his life locked in a darkened cell. He had no education or contact with the outside world. On entering society, Kaspar causes a sensation in academic circles, who regard him as a noble savage who can provide them with answers to some of the great philosophical conundrums of the late 18th Century. Amongst other themes, this story explores the various ways in which the people around the ‘impaired’ Kaspar Hauser attempted to integrate him into society, and so resonates with contemporary debates about the role of disabled people in society.

And also to Mark Smith, a Sync South east individual who is the choreographer and Artistic Director of Deaf Men Dancing which has its first showcase on 13th August 2010. On 2nd – 12th August six professionally trained deaf male dancers and Mark will work together, to experiment with combining a fusion of different dance styles incorporating it with British Sign-Language. They are going to develop their own exciting and unique style of choreography and this will be the first opportunity for a limited audience to see the results. The ultimate aim is to create a new dance company using the new choreographic vocabulary as well as giving a visual platform for deaf dancers and choreographers.

They are looking for key industry professionals to experience the showcase which is being held at Graeae Theatre Company’s award winning building in London at 1.00pm. If you know anyone who simply has to see this work, and can help the company support and develop their plans, then please contact for more information.

Finally, a month or so ago, we celebrated Sarah Scott's success in gaining a 'Go Public' commission - and we can now bring you more news about it. Being Me Being is the name of the project, fusing disability and yoga with the visual arts, its an exciting exploration - do you want to be part of the journey?

Being Me Being is inviting those with hidden impairments or long term conditions to participate. Newcomers to yoga and the visual arts are just as welcome as those with some considerable experience. There is an introductory event 11-5 on Sept 11th - 13th at Kent University Campus (completing on a beach near Folkestone). Participants will then be encouraged to continue their explorative journey for a period of time with remote guidance and support. Its free to participate in this journey and for more info or to register your interest, please contact Sarah by email

And commiserations too…

a performer from SDC giving flowers to Esther Appleyard as part of the New Gold performance

We all know that we are working in challenging and changing times at present, as the country’s financial picture alters on an almost daily basis. SEEDA, one of the key funders of Accentuate, is an RDA (Regional Development Agency) and like all the other RDA’s across the country is losing its funding and closing up.

This means that Accentuate loses one of its key funders and supporters, and although the Accentuate team are working hard to absorb as much of the impact of the cut as they can, they will have to pass some of the impact on to the Accentuate projects themselves.

At Sync South East we’ve braced ourselves for the news and are looking hard at what we can cut, cull and cobble together to make sure the impact isn’t felt too hard on the ground – our focus is firmly on the individuals and artists we are supporting.

That’s it for now, look out for our summer Accentuate edition!

From Jo Verrent

at Sync South East

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