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Summer’s here! (well, it is this week)

A carton sunshine

Summer seems to be here, but perhaps our excitement at feeling the sun is tempered by the budget news, and the realization that times might be tough for a while yet.

We’d like to extend our thoughts to our Regularly Funded Arts organisations working out where their 0.5% cut will fall this year and especially to our friends at Arts & Business, who got a rather heftier cut of 4% in this year, following the argument that they weren’t ‘front line’. Although the logic is understandable, its seems a little rash to cut hardest the organisation to which others may turn to try and fill their own gaps in revenue, still, there’s no doubting its tough all round, and going to get tougher.

Best enjoy the sunshine whilst we can.

Ensemble event - 21st July at South Hill Park - 11.00-5.00pm

DEFINITION: Impact - the striking of one thing against another; a strong effect; a forceful consequence; affect: have an effect upon;

a hammer hitting a nail on the head

And talking of enjoying yourself – with a positive purpose – our ‘Ensemble’ impact day is getting busier and busier. This day provides a chance for all ten of the organisations and projects on our organisations programme to show, not just what they do, but the real impact of it – on creators, participants, audiences and funders.

So far we have people from Accentuate, ACE, Creative Junction, Tourism South East and London 2012 coming along, plus a number of representatives from local authorities. We’ve also got people from other companies and organisations including Candoco, Forest Forge, Caravan and Farnham Maltings, who are coming to see what’s what and where partnerships can be forged.

  • Do you have influence?
  • Do you programme, commission, partner, provide opportunities?
  • Are you interested in finding out more about the impact of disability-related arts organisations and projects in the South East?

If so, perhaps you should be there? We’ve a few places remaining that we’d love to fill with people who could really benefit from the mix that we’ve put together. Email Jo to find out more and get a copy of our email flier.

Sync South East individuals

a number of flags made from the pages of books

Firstly, congratulations to Sarah Scott who is one of only three south east Deaf and disabled artists that have been awarded £55,000 between them to take their work into the public realm. Sarah has been selected for one of the Go Public art commissions, in a scheme run by Dada-South and Artpoint. 

Go Public, launched in 2009, is a two-year initiative that aims to raise the profile of the unique and inspiring contribution Deaf and disabled artists make to contemporary society. Sarah’s project will creatively document the impact of yoga on disabled participants, and you can find out more about her project, and those of the other winners, at

Congratulations also to Mandie Saw, who has been selected as the Creative Landscapes Artist in Residence in Gosport, as part of an English Heritage project in the area. We really look forwards to seeing the results of her residency.

And a request from another of our artists – Jon Adams – if you have a little time to spare, why not create a recycled flag and join in with Field of flags – Dysarticulate – a public art project being developed for the opening weekend of the cultural Olympiad, 23 July 2010 - 25 July 2010. For full information see

Sync South East Organisations

3 dancers from stopgap dressed as cleaners

And the organisations and projects on our other programme have been busy too… This month we’re focusing on our dance and theatre companies.

StopGAP has received a commission from City of London Festival to create its new outdoor repertoire Gleam Clean which will be a collaboration with a Capoeira Mestre & Ponciano Almeida, and will premiere at St. Paul’s Cathedral on 6 and 8 July 2010.

This commission means the company can combine their education and artistic programmes as StopGAP’s dancer and choreographer Lucy Bennett will involve four youngsters from the youth group to choreograph Gleam Clean. Interesting stuff.

SDC has just premiered its latest outdoor show – New Gold (and people attending our Ensemble event will have the chance to see this live just before lunch). New Gold is inspired by the forthcoming 2012 Olympics, and takes a fresh look at contemporary attitudes to ‘competition’ and ‘winning’.

The company say: For New Gold We are exploring untold stories of competition. The company have created a number of characters such as the World Champion Beggar who inspires altruism; the World Champion Administrator who rubber stamps everything and insists on mindless paperwork; the World Champion Shopper who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing; and the World Champion Ovator who expects plaudits and success for doing nothing…

Why not come and see if you can recognize any of their winners yourself?

two anjali dancers one in a hooded orange lyrca costume, the other in blue

Anjali's Youth Dance Company have been selected to perform in the U.Dance National Dance Event at the Birmingham Hippodrome on July 4 2010, which is fantastic news. The event is the final stage of a search across every region in England to find the nation’s best young dance groups so to have learning disabled dancers represented there is excellent – well done Anjali!

The company plans to develop a major new work this summer called Moon 67. The Company will then tour a new show in Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011 called Genius comprising a double bill of T4TWO and Moon 67.

T4TWO is a work in progress begun in August 2009 by the Anjali Dancers, Resident Dance Artist Aya Kobayashi (Choreography) and Nicole Thomson (Artistic Director). It is part of a process of research and development funded By Arts Council England, South East through the Grants for the Arts Programme. In the next phase, the Company plan to develop the piece thematically, particularly the impact of science in the lives of people with disabilities through consultation with geneticist Dr Vicky Murday. You can find out more about all the pieces on their website.

The Freewheelers have a host of interesting projects on the go including one that brings disabled artists and engineers together. Thanks to a grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering, The Freewheelers Theatre Company and Redbird Media will be exploring notions of accessibility through a series of theatrical workshops and the creation of a video depicting a fictional island that has been designed and engineered specifically for disabled people. They’ll be running five two-hour development sessions with engineers, as well as delivering a series of workshops for schoolchildren once the video is produced.

You can find out more from the company themselves - the next workshop is on 28 June at Leatherhead Theatre.

At our Impact day, The Freewheelers will be showing videos of the companies work and talking about the impact it has, as well as showing a short piece called Trust (which has gained an Inspire mark) – where dancers move in front of the video projection.

No Handbags are currently touring an experiential piece called Flicker Club which has already toured to Windsor and will be returning to South Hill Park for our Ensemble day. Their Facebook fan page includes many positive reviews – including this intriguing comment:

  • I enjoyed Flicker Club so much. The performers were brilliant. I haven't stopped wiggling my bottom since.

Best get over to South Hill Park on the 21st July to find out why!

Thats it for this month,

Enjoy the sunshine whilst its here!

Jo Verrent

Sync project manager

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