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Half way through the individuals programme

I feel I have made a choice to be positive, happy and successful. This doesn't mean that I'm always successful, but I'm taking the bits that are negative, disappointing or unsuccessful and learning from them. In this way they become real positives for me and help me to progress my working ambitions.

A sign saying dare to make a choice

Throughout April we have been getting feedback from the individuals involved in Sync SE. It's been fantastic to read through such considered and heartfelt comments and amazing to see real change, real impact and a real sense of feeling differently for many of them.

  • I am more aware of what leadership is and realise I know less than I thought I knew when I started the programme.

  • Over the past year I have definitely seen a big reduction in stress. I am managing this much better. I am also much more aware of the need to protect myself when my energy levels aren't high or when I am emotionally not strong.

  • [the coaching] has been excellent - a real kick up the bum.

  • [I have] gained confidence and clear vision on what I want to do in the future. Still got a long way to go but I will get there.

Of course, not everyone is in a totally positive place; for some people there is a frustration about where they currently find themselves in the arts sector, for others a sense of being ‘stuck’ and for others again, more to learn and further to travel although the journey has started.

  • I've certainly grown in confidence over the past year and whilst I understand more about being entrepreneurial, I still feel I have a long way to go before I achieve this approach. But I definitely am more entrepreneurial in my thinking.

For the Sync SE team its great to get such direct feedback as it means we can shift and shape the 2nd year of the programme into something that will hopefully continue to stretch and challenge everyone, and push us all closer to the Accentuate vision for a more empowered and equal arts sector in the region.


Anya wearing her earphones

We are gaining two new participants on the individuals programme, who will be starting with us in May - Sylvia Bernat and Anya Ustaszewski.

Sylvia moved to the south east from her native France and works in various visual media such as photography and film.

She will be up on the Sync South East site soon and in the mean time you can check out her own website showing some of her extraordinary photos and videos at

Anya is a musician, often creating soundscapes and experiences for galleries and exhibitions throughout the country. She often wears earphones to block out unpleasant or irrelevant noise.

She explains her take on music, and her impairment - autism - at her own website:

Read a case study on Anya on our sister site


Minister Jonathan Shaw with some of the Cultural Champions from the South East

Arts and Business recently selected a number residents from the south east as Cultural Champions - one was artist Jon Adams who is on our individuals programme, and the other is Viv Colvill of the Freewheelers Theatre Company - who are on our organisations programme!

Jon was recognised for supporting and guiding emerging artists, and for donating his time and being a tireless advocate for Dada-South, the South-East's development agency for disabled and deaf artists (who are also on our organisations programme!)

Viv Colvill of the Freewheelers Theatre Company, a Leatherhead-based company for people with and without disabilities, was recognised for her tireless work as a volunteer there, involving herself in everything from fundraising and event management to organising travel.

Well done to both - enjoy your titles, they are well deserved!

And congratulations too to Jamie Stewart and Mark Barber, both of the individuals programme. They have both been invited to join the Articulate Advisory Group for Shape in London, to help plan and deliver a series of eleven events over the next 3 years looking at employment, training and transition for learning disabled people in the capital.

Congratulations - leading and influencing right at the front line!

What's the impact of Sync SE?

DEFINITION: Impact - the striking of one thing against another; a strong effect; a forceful consequence; affect: have an effect upon;

south Hill Park - the outside of the building

We have chosen a theme for our next public event - impact

As you know, Sync SE is a development programme for disability focused arts organisations in the South East. IMPACT will be our first Ensemble event, and provides a chance for our 10 organisations to come together to demonstrate why they do the work they do, and to illustrate what it achieves.

We'll be inviting people to come and find out why these arts organisations do what they do and the impact it has on those it touches as participants, audiences and artists.

As we are one of the 15 Accentuate Projects looking to create a cultural shift in the South East the lead up to 2012 we are also interested in tracking our own impact - how can we support such organisations to have the most impact in the run up to 2012?

Its going to be at South Hill Park on 21st July 2010, 11.00 – 5pm. If you want to go on the early information list, just email for more information as and when its available.

Thats it for this month,

Enjoy the bank holiday!

Jo Verrent

Sync project manager

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