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Festive Greetings

Sync South East is a leadership development programme for disabled artists, artsworkers (and disability focused arts organisations & projects). It’s a training and coaching programme with a difference.

Things are really changing fast for some of our Sync South East individuals and organisations as they ride the rollercoaster of being artists, arts organisations and working in the ever changing arts sector. 2009 has been quite a major year for many - with ups and downs.

The festive break should provide all of us with a chance to step off the ride for a short while and instead reflect on what we do, why we do it and what we might want to do next.

At Sync South East we know what one of our next actions is - to deliver our EXPO to the very best of our abilities, showcasing an accessible, inventive and exciting event for the region. Do hope you can be part of it with us.

And Sync South East is part of Sync - a national leadership development programme - so we've included some info below on some more possible ways forward into 2010 that we'd love you to help us share around the region.

Sync South East: EXPO (9th February, 1-5.30pm)

"I am interested in attending the event on the 9th at Farnham Maltings... sounds like a great day..."

Details are being finalised and interest is growing in our EXPO event (Feb 9th 2010). The programme will include:

Finding the Synergy: Presentations from partnerships involving Sync South East artists including work with Portsmouth University, Parliamentary Outreach and Farnham Maltings. When disabled artists, individuals and organisations are truly engaged in the development and delivery of opportunities, what are the benefits on all sides?

Doing it for ourselves: A chance to take part in one of three workshop sessions to capture what we know:

  • Option one: Hints and Tips on genuinely involving disabled people in the arts – what do we all need to do to genuinely meet the needs of disabled people, and level the playing field?

  • Option two: Mapping the opportunities – a chance to start to physically listing the opportunities and links that we know are out there for disabled artists, disability related arts organisations and those interested in working with them at local, regional, national and international levels.

  • Option three: Influencing the agenda – how, when and where can disabled artists and artsworkers play a part in shifting the status quo and ensuring equality?

(At the end of the event, the Sync South East team will collate the results of each session and send to all those who attended – so whichever session you attend, you won’t miss out).

Panel session: is it different for us? Is it different for learning disabled people ‘stepping up’? Often excluded, how can opportunities best be designed to genuinely include learning disabled people – our learning disabled members speak out.

You can check out the previous bulletin for info on the logistics or simply email for further information and a booking form.

To go to Farnham Maltings website...

Sync's national programme

Inclusion, involvement and equality – all buzz words in the arts sector particularly as we build up to 2012... But what do these things really mean?

Inside shot of the Whitchapel Art Galley - through a glass door an exhibition can be seen.

Sync South East is linked to Sync Leadership, a national development programme for disabled leaders in the creative industries funded by the Cultural Leadership Programme.

We've three different kinds of opportunties on offer at the moment - and we're hoping that you may know people who'd like to take advantage some of them.

Firstly, there are Sync introduction events

These are open to anyone interested in Sync. We've one coming up in Manchester on 3rd February 2010, 1.00-4.30pm, at The Greenroom, in partnership with Full Circle Arts (contact and also one in Bristol, at the end of February (contact

We are also holding a softer, less formal session to meet up with people who are in London - that will be on the 12th January 2010, 6-8pm at Graeae’s fabulous new offices at Bradbury Studios, 138 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY (contact

Secondly, there is Sync Intensives. This is an 8 month programme open nationally for Sync members which offers the successful applicants personal coaching, face to face development days and the development of a supportive online community. The deadline for applications for this is the end of February 2010 – a simple application form is available from

And thirdly, Sync is involved with three placement opportunities at Sadlers Wells, Whitechapel Art Gallery and/or Unlimited. The Sync Associates - Leading in London placements are facilitated by the Cultural Leadership Programme (CLP), funded by Arts Council England - London via CLP and supported by CLP's programme strand, Sync (Deaf and disabled leaders). You can download information from the CLP opportunities page – the deadline for applications is XXX and the interview dates are the 27th and 28th of January 2010.

Please help us get the word out about these fantastic opportunities. Perhaps they are the next step forward for someone you know.

To go to the national Sync website...

Stepping into 2010

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Oprah Winfrey


We thought we'd leave you with a little practical exercise for a change. Try this cartoon exercise from CFOR - Force for Change, to help tap into the essence of your working ways and means, by looking at part of your work or a project in detail. Use something that you've worked on in 2009.

Make six boxes on a page and number the boxes.

In the First box, make an image of a goal or challenge or project and title it.

In the Second box, make an image of what the Purpose of your project is and title it.

In the Third box, make an image of what happens to you when the goal, challenge or project is disturbed and title it.

In the Fourth box, make an image of what is your usual style of working on the project and title it.

In the Fifth box, make an image of something unexpected, accidental or surprising, in relation to your project and title it.

In the Last box, take on elements of boxes 2-5 and put them into box 6, play with it, doodle, dream. Let a picture develop and title it.

Look at your comic strip, particularly the last image! What is interesting or noticeable about this? Does it say something about you? How might you take this into next year's work?

That should give you something to think about over the holidays!

Enjoy the festivities and see you in 2010.

Jo Verrent and the rest of the Sync South East team

To go straight to the Sync South East website...

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