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Just in time!

Sync South East is a leadership development programme for disabled artists, artsworkers (and disability focused arts organisations & projects). It’s a training and coaching programme with a difference.

Just managed to keep November’s information ebulletin within November – but only by a few hours! There’s so much happening within Sync South East that sometimes we are pushed to keep you up to date.

This week we launch our EXPO. This is the first time Sync South East has we have done an event that people other than our members can attend. We are really looking forward to meeting up with others and sharing the passions and experiences of those in Sync South East – please help us spread the word, and do come along if you can.

Sync South East: EXPO (9th February, 1-5.30pm)

Inclusion, involvement and equality – all buzz words in the arts sector particularly as we build up to 2012... But what do these things really mean?

How can the arts sector lead a cultural shift in the way disabled people are seen and included? Can we all genuinely include everyone or is this a notion. How can we move into relationship with each other beyond token gestures and tick boxes?

This is our first Exposition – a chance to take the lid off diversity dilemmas and to meet our individuals who are up for a new way of engaging with these issues through active partnership.

Where? At Farnham Maltings, Farnham in Surrey

When? Tuesday 9th February 2010, 2.00pm – 4.30pm (with drinks and canapés until 5.30pm)

What? Presentations, case studies, task focused break out groups, a panel discussion and plenty of chances to add your thoughts to the mix. All that plus time for networking on the day and follow up information

Come and join us from 1.00pm for nibbles and networking. And if you send us a specific question in advance, you are guaranteed to get an answer on the day – or your money back!

Places are just £30 per person (plus VAT) Farnham Maltings has good physical access and BSL interpreters, palantype and live scribes will be provided.

For further information and a booking form, please email

To go to Farnham Maltings website...

Sync South East – individual’s web pages updated

“When you believe everything is impossible attempting the impossible is the only option available.”

A cross stitch piece of a dragon with text reading I dreamt that I was real

In preparation for the formal launch of Accentuate on Thursday, we’ve been asking all our individual members to update their webpages on Sync South East. So if you want to find out who is passionate about colour, who’s skills have resulted in their company winning the Dance Award at the AMI Awards 2009, who is pushing ‘Into Uncharted Lands’ by exploring the relationship between the workings of the brain and certain mental health related experiences and more then you better get checking out the website.

Mary Smith, one of individual members, has included the quote above within her page.

Sync South East isn’t about attempting the impossible – its about developing and supporting our individuals and our organisations to be the very best they can be. At times, this can feel like an impossible task – for us and for them. The time pressures, the capacity issues, the deadlines, the conflicting priorities…

But things are shifting. Slowly and surely perspectives are altering, people are becoming more self assured. I’ll finish this month with a quote from one of our organisations about the impact the programme is having on them.

'It is helping us … to develop confidence. It’s amazing that even though we do work so much, actually we have found that we really need to 'SYNC' better! and yes!!! Its working... little by little, working!' (Sign Dance Collective)

More in December!

Jo Verrent and the rest of the Sync South East team

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