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We have lift off

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Sync South East has had a swan like summer - quiet on the surface but oh so busy under the water behind the scenes for both the individuals and the organisations disability leadership programmes.

We've been chasing people to complete our initial auditing tools - and have just finished compiling the summary of the individuals audits which ‘is helping us hone both the coaching and leadership development aspects of the programme.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, many people want to do more and earn more: 36% are not really satisfied with their current level of engagement or position in the arts, 39% are not satisfied with the hours they are working, 64% are not satisfied or dissatisfied with what they earn from their artistic work.

We've also been able to discover the areas where people feel they want to develop further. As well as supporting peoples confidence and clarity, people want direct support to improve their skills in:

  • Time management
  • Balance between work and leisure/home life
  • Negotiating contracts and work with other people/organisations
  • Developing a business plan
  • Financial planning and fundraising
  • Working with media
  • Knowledge of government policies and schemes to support entrepreneurs and also disabled people take ideas forward

You might be able to help. Do you know of sources of information, support and guidance that Sync South East can tap into to help people develop in these areas?

People also want to get more involved in advisory or steering groups, at the moment 26% of our members have no such involvement and 59% are not on a board or committee.

Again, you might be able to help here - got any board positions you are advertising that you would like us to circulate through our members?

Having impact

photo of Domineque from Creative Future

The audits are coming in too from the organisations programme. Creative Future was one of the first organisations to finished its audit and Dominique and Simon have met with Dawn Langley for the next step of the programme - the direct and one to one support Sync South East might offer. Creative Future has experienced real success since it was established - one of their artists has just exhibited his work again for the first time in ten years.

There is clearly scope for growth in the future and a number of ‘buds’ which can be nurtured over the next two years. The organisation is at an important crossroads and so much of the discussion focussed on how Creative Future moves to its next stage at the same time as managing the challenges of capacity, time and resources.

We are now looking at some consultancy support which could help Creative Future find affordable office space, prepare for some future funding opportunities and continue to work on their profile raising. When talking about being part of Sync South East both Dominique and Simon felt that in the long term they could see it being a very useful process, in fact they felt the profile of the organisation was already changing due to their involvement.

We'll bring you more news of exactly what Sync South East will be offering each organisation in the October edition of the information bulletin.

Pssss! Pass it on

photo of a locked book case called 'dyslexic library'.

And just to pass on some news from our members:

  • Do try and catch Goose on the Hill - Pallant House Gallery plays host to an exhibition of works by the Portsmouth-based Outsider artist, Jon Adams, to coincide with the major exhibition of outsider art at the Gallery, 'Outside In' and to mark the culmination of Adams' two year-long project as Artist in Residence for Southern Rail. The exhibition runs 13 October–22 November 2009.

  • Freewheelers - Ever phoned out and got stuck with one of the those call centres? You know the ones, where you get passed round and round and no one seems able to help? They are the focus of the Freewheelers Theatre Company's upcoming show at The Leatherhead Theatre (Box Office 01372 365141). The performance is at 7.45pm on Thursday 22nd October and is called "Your Call is Important to Us". For more information, contact Viv Colvill 01932 860950 or email

More next month!

From all at Sync South East

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