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One, Two, Three.... Go

It was a great start to what promises to be an exciting two years. Much needed.

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Last week Sync South East held not one, not two, but three events - two for the individuals and one for the organisations signed up to our leadership programmes.

The individuals spent time thinking about the road ahead, looking closely at their leadership nature and what fuels their imagination and what makes them tick.

They learned some of the pillars and principles of good coaching conversations creating individual avatars, and looking at helpful and unhelpful energy patterns and their impact on leadership drive - all useful exercises for the 2 year journey ahead.

The organisations similarly had lots of thinking to do as they began our audit process checking out their vision, artistic aspirations, capacity, finances, engagement processes and knowledge of how the changing external environment impacts on their work. They are being sent their rolls of cut up table cloth back this week to ponder further upon!

So it was a very busy but extremely rewarding week, generating feedback such as the quote above and also comments like:

  • Thanks for a fab day on Weds... lots for us to chew on'

  • ‘I am feeling daunted by everything we need to do – BUT felt very supported today and hope you can help us get to a better place’

  • 'I wanted to just tell you that I have gained a lot from the introductory meeting... It was all quite mind blowing and is already shifting my perspective on my work and my abilities.'

In the individuals day, one request was to share your favourite quote. In many ways the following sets the tone for both programmes: The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are.

This week certainly showed us that all those involved in Sync South East are setting out on their journeys. No one is content to simply 'stay where they are'.

Forming Partnerships

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We are pairing up with Arts & Business in the South East to maximise the impact we can have. They want to offer a small number of bursaries for some of our organisations, which will mean free membership, access to masterclasses, networking events, their board bank data base and more.

Once we get the audits back from our organisations, we'll be working with them to identify who can best take advantage of this support - and we're also looking for ways to bring their expertise to all members of Sync South East - so watch this space!

We are very open to pairing up with different organisations that can help our resources go further - so if you think there might be synergy with what you are up to, do let us know - we are tapping away at our keyboards on and off over the summer, so do keep in touch.

Pssss! Pass it on

photo of painting by Russell Jones of a blue tree with a head lying in the roots

And just to pass on some news from our members:

Creative Future are promoting Russell Jones' exhibition "UNLEASHED", which is being held at Brighton Media Centre, 15-17 Middle Street, BN1 1AL from Mon 20th - Fri 31st July excluding Sat 25th and Sun 26th. Opening times 9.30pm to 5pm daily (

Freewheelers have been awarded an Inspire Mark for their 'Journey to Olympus' dances. Find out more on their website: and also check out their curtain raiser performance at the Open Weekend Event at the Nomad Theatre ( 25th and 26th July 2009.

Outside in launch their biennial art competition for outsider and marginalised artists, with a preview on Fri 7th August, and the exhibition runs until Sunday 8th November (

And you've just missed the shows, but congratulations to Sign Dance Collective who gained a four star review in Time Out for Dances for a Lost Traveller. Well done all!

More next month!

From all at Sync South East

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