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Groove 2 Thinking

Sunday 28th March, 2010

Simon from Creative Future

"I really enjoyed the event today, the pace and energy is exactly what I needed. I feel inspired and energised to tackle finance and funding within my organisation. Thank you!"

So how was the Groove for you? Do you feel differently about 'the money' and how your thoughts, feelings and actions are 'shaped' by your relationship with money. Are you still trying to put your foot in a shoe that doesn't fit? Do you see funders and investors differently now and have different strategies to get closer to them and giving them (and yourself) more of what they want.

Have you had any more thoughts about the metaphor for your organisation and it's ecology, it's working parts?

Thanks to Jon Pratty from DAO for photo's - you can see more on DAO's Flickr stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/42406059@N02/


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