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Sign Dance Collective reflect on Sync...

Thursday 29th October, 2009

david bower finger spelling the letter r whilst sitting on the floor

Sign Dance Collective met up as a team recently and reflected on what they had taken from Sync so far. They said they felt that '[our] collective mind is definitely clicking better and in more unison. We may be loud, sometimes abrasive, a bit wild, but down under SDC is a loving and supportive organisation of artists, wiling to take risks with performance, and willing to learn and develop'.

Isolte went on to say that they are currently involved in a really exciting project with Theatre Lab/ BBC Radio 4, working in collaboration with Graeae's literature officer Alex Bulmer. They are all enjoying the process and definitely applying what they are learning from SYNC. Isolte said: 'It is helping us as an organisation to develop confidence. Its amazing that even though we do work so much, actually we have found that we really need to 'SYNC' better! and yei!!! Its working,... little by little, working!'


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