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Art open to the public

Thursday 3rd September, 2009

Logo for figure ground.

News for all artists working or interested in working on art for the public realm. Figure Ground (which is a group run by Katy Beinart, Jo Thomas, and Jon Adams who is part of Sync SE), has developed a series of events around the South East region to encourage creative debate on what it means to practice in the public realm.

Events are being held on the following dates:

Brighton: Saturday 24th October Bracknell: Thursday 29th October Milton Keynes: Friday 6th November Chatham: Friday 13th November

Applications are invited from artists who consider their work to come under the broad umbrella of public art. Artists are asked to bring elements of their own practice and thinking to the events. Artists will be collaborating with each other and responding to sites, with the aim of exploring issues around practice, sparking networks and ideas, and contributing to critical debate about the role of public art.

There are 50 places available for each event and priority will be given to artists based in the South-East. Tickets cost £10 and include lunch and refreshments. There are 10 bursary places per event which cover the ticket cost (£10) and offer a travel bursary of £25.

Email figuregroundprojects@googlemail.com for details of how to apply (deadline Friday 11th September 2009), or phone (Fridays are best): 07766 593 480.

They welcome applications in other formats, including by phone, text, or any other way as long as you answer all the questions on the application form.

For updates and info: http://fig1-ground.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?id=597099891&gv=12#/group.php?gid=56498558616