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What are you doing this summer?

Thursday 13th August, 2009

A photo of an Ethiopian tribesman holding Rachel's model and drawings.

I bet that not many of us have been as far afield as Sync South East's Rachel Gadsden. As part of the celebrations for the Olympic Open Weekend on the 24th-26th July, Rachel was in deepest Ethiopia conveying the hopes and ambitions of London 2012.

Rachel says: 'With the fantastic support of my fellow travelers during my recent trip to Ethiopia to visit the Southern Omo Valley indigenous tribal groups, we created a mini London 2012 stadium out of found wood and string and then painted artistic sporting images to wrap around the stadium to convey the spirit of Africa and London 2012. I hasten to add the London 2012 stadium is already somewhat more robust than our marquette, but at least with our model we were able to present a visual image of the stadium and the games to the tribal groups we were visiting. The reaction from the Hammer and Mursi tribes was fascinating to witness, and in a remote landscape where modern digital communication has not yet arrived, it was quite a challenge to explain exactly what the Olympics and Paralympics Games were all about. But renown for their fitness and athleticism it didn't take long to convince the tribal people we met during the weekend that we are very lucky to be hosting the next Games.'

Anyone else want to share their wanderings?