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'Board' over the summer?

Wednesday 5th August, 2009

About Time/ Common Purpose logo

Just had some news from Common Purpose about their campaign to increase the numbers and diversity of people involved in public life across the UK - About Time..

They have a brand new website, http://abouttime.commonpurpose.org.uk and will be blogging about some of the issues surrounding public boards, their diversity and how to overcome the barriers that stop people getting involved. Do take a look, and join in the conversation!

As part of About Time, the Anchor Trust have provided funding to run two educational programmes, aimed at helping people make the transition from holding a local non-executive role to holding a regional or national appointment. The course will look at boards, how they operate, and how to be an effective board member. Does this sound like you or for someone you know? Visit the website for more details and to download an application form.

If you would like any more information about the About Time initiative, please e-mail Amy Ritman or Adirupa Sengupta, the About Time team at abouttime@commonpurpose.org.uk.