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Whatever you want...

Friday 26th June, 2009

a box file decorated and filled by the Stingray project

We are collecting in the 'Syncscapes' from organisations this week ready for the introductions day on the 8th July. What's a Synscape? Well, its a way of giving us, and the other organisations involved in the programme a quick glimpse of where each organisation or project involved in the programme is at and what they are like.

We wanted people to be creative, and not to just send us an existing report or film, but to create something new, short and punchy. The only rules were that they had to be no longer than 5 minutes and no bigger than A3. In time, we'll get them all up on the website too.

We received a fantastic one the other day from Stingray, a clubbing, rapping, carnival group of learning disabled artists. A box file crammed with material, photos, quotes and contents - and when you open it right up it sings to you! The great Status Quo blasting out with: "Whatever you want, Whatever you like, Whatever you say, You pay your money, You take your choice, Whatever you need, Whatever you use, Whatever you win, Whatever you loose..."

Very interesting words for the arts sector to think about at the moment, don't you think?