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Keep Anjali Dancing

Monday 14th February, 2011

A poster with the words Keep Anjali Dancing over a photo of Mark Barber dancing

Anjali Dance Company is in the middle of an amazingly fertile creative period, with both their touring company and their youth dance company producing some of their best work and receiving plaudits from press, public, the good and the great – but, they've caught a financial cold from the hostile economic climate and need an urgent cash remedy.

Anjali cannot exist on thrilling inspiring work alone, they need money to make it work. The Company faces a stark choice either to close because of a short term cash shortage or raise £50,000 to plug the gap which will make it possible to rebuild the Company and start the next financial year in a fit state to grow and thrive.

In response to that choice they are launching the KEEP ANJALI DANCING CAMPAIGN with the aim of raising £50,000 by the end of March 2011.

They are looking for 1,000 (one thousand) people to give £50 each to KEEP ANJALI DANCING.

Please go to the website to see if you can help.