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Anyone interested in tendering for work in London?

Tuesday 5th October, 2010

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Wandsworth Borough Council is inviting suitably qualified and experienced organisations to tender for four contracts delivering disability arts within the Borough:-

Contract 1 – The creation and presentation of a performance project engaging with children with profound and multiple disabilities (£10,000 in year one). Contract 2 – The delivery of participatory arts activities for adults with learning and/or physical disabilities (£20,000 in year one). Contract 3 – The commissioning, management and presentation of a new piece of work by a disabled artist or organisation. Applications may only be from a mainstream arts organisation (£10,000 in year one). Contract 4 – The creation, management and development of a Disability Arts Action Group (£5,000 in year one).

Tenders are sought for the provision of the services as follows:

Option 1 – Contract 1 and Contract 4. Option 2 – Contract 2 and Contract 4. Option 3 – Contract 3 and Contract 4. Option 4 – Contract 1, Contract 2 and Contract 4.

The contracts will commence on 1st April 2011 for a period of four years.

For Contracts 1, 2 and 4 Applicants are expected to have significant experience in delivering work for the client group. Organisations should have an excellent artistic vision and wide experience of creating and presenting high quality work. It is expected that they demonstrate how to attract and maintain a wide audience base as well as the client group. They should have a thorough understanding of the sector and current developments, and be embedded in stakeholder dialogue locally. It is expected that they would be leaders in the field, and recognised as such nationally.

For Contract 4 the applicant is expected to be an arts organisation which does not primarily programme and produce disability arts. It is expected that the inclusion of disability arts in the programme is embedded within the core artistic vision and business planning of the organisation. The organisation should have significant experience of supporting the development of artists. Their audience development track record should demonstrate sustained growth. The organisation should identify a suitable venue to present the work in Wandsworth.

The contracts will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender following an evaluation of tender returns and will be assessed on 100% quality. 70% of this will be assessed against the quality and reach of the outputs; 15% on the method statement and 15% on the supporting documentation. Tenderers will be encouraged to offer a discount or additional provision if the provider tenders for more than one element.

Training in competitive tendering will be signposted for organisations who would like support in this process.

Organisations wishing to receive a copy of the relevant tender documentation are required to contact Leisure and Amenities Finance Department telephone 020 8871 7671 or by email lasfinance@wandsworth.gov.uk

The deadline for submission of tenders is 12noon on Wednesday 20th October 2010. Late applications may not be considered.

GKJones Chief Executive and Director of Administration Town Hall Wandsworth London SW18 2PU