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Disabled and Deaf Artists Go Public!

Tuesday 15th June, 2010

a white tea cup made with lumps and bumps in it so it doesn't sit straight in the saucer.

THREE disabled artists have been awarded £55,000 by art agencies Dada-South and Artpoint to take their work into the public realm. The awards were made as part of the Go Public initiative which is giving disabled artists opportunities to produce new art works in public places across the South East. Sarah Scott, Lorna Giezot, and Zoe Partington-Sollinger were selected after a competitive commissioning process and are now planning innovative and eclectic projects ahead of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Installation artist Vicky Vergou also won a smaller research and development award. (Lorna made the tea cup pictured here).

You can read more about their plans at Dada-South’s website at: