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So just what did happen at Subsidy Junkies?

Thursday 8th April, 2010

people in the foyer at the Subsidy Junkies event

Arts & Business are supporting a number of the Sync South East organisations through bursaries, and they also gave us a few free tickets to the national Subsidy Junkies? event in London.

It was a fab day with shed loads of new perspectives on offer. They've just started to share some of the info from the day more widely and have just sent us over a downloadable MP3 file from one of the sessions.

This file features the final session of the day "Passion, Persuasion, Heart or Mind?" with Alec Reed from the The Big Give in discussion with Valerie Solti, Sandy Orr and Peter Buchan.

If you want a listen, its at http://www.artsandbusiness.org.uk/Media%20library/Files/Audio%20files/Symposium/Passion%20Persuasion%20Heart%20Mind_web.mp3