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12 days and counting...

Saturday 3rd October, 2009

photo of Gary Thomas selecting scripts

Guest blog by Gary Thomas, one of the individuals in Sync South East (and we are all rooting for you Gary - Go, Gary, Go!):

It's 12 days before I go to Los Angeles to attend the Creative Screenwriting Expo. I'm nervous, excited, and feel like I have LOADS to do before I go...

Though the other day when spending time with a friend and not doing any of the things I need to do to be ready, I realised its just as important for me to be relaxed about myself & what I do, as it is to know how to talk to people.

The Expo runs for four days, and the chance to pitch my feature script and ideas will be there in abundance, with loads of potential for them to be read by those who could buy it. The odds of selling a screenplay are a bit like lottery odds, though I can and have done more to make those odds better, but my other goal would be to try & not get caught up in the whole 'Hollywood thing'. What I can do is go there, plan who I see beforehand, and enjoy myself. As long as I can do that, then it should be fun.

You can follow Gary's journey at http://www.twitter.com/2weddings and to look at his own website go to http://www.garythomas.co.uk/garythomas