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Welcome to the first information e-bulletin for Sync South East, an Accentuate project designed to support and develop Deaf and disabled people and disability arts organisations and projects in the South East of England so that they can reach their true leadership potential.

Accentuate aims to ensure that the South East region is recognised as a lead region in the UK for disability and deaf cultural activity and as an international centre of excellence. We are part of making that happen by developing confidence and skills amongst Deaf and disabled artists, arts workers, arts projects and arts organisations.

Every month or so we will be sending out an e-bulletin to inform people within the South East (and beyond!) about the Sync South East programme and the rich diversity of practice held within it.

Our programmes

photo of disabled artist David Dixon releasing paint powder in a cloud

We have just finished recruiting to both our programmes:

  • individuals: disabled artists and arts workers whose practice is based in the region
  • organisations and projects: that either promote disability arts or the work of disabled artists

We are really excited by the fabulous quality of the people, ideas and practice we will be working with and will start to profile people and companies from our very next information e-bulletin.

The aim of both programmes is to build a vibrant, resilient and fit for purpose community of practice across the south east, raising profiles, increasing confidence and building on success.

But we can’t do this in isolation; we want to form links with other programmes and mainstream providers, creating partnerships and utilising networks to best promote and inspire our participants and the region itself.

If you want to find out exactly who is on the programme, click the link below to go straight to our website.

Pssss! Pass it on

photo of David Bower jumping in a dance studio

This may have been emailed to you directly - in which case, great! If you can think of other people, organisations, connections and collaborators who would like to be in touch with us, please pass it on by forwarding it directly to them.

And if its been forwarded to you, why not sign up for your own copy? You can sign up directly on the website, just click the link below to take you there.

That's it for now - just a quick taste to whet your appetite!

More next month!

From all at Sync South East

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